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The Greatest Movie of All Time

Litvar's acclaimed debut album, streaming everywhere now. 

"It reminds the listener of that time in their youth when they thought anything was possible. It’s so honest and out there that you gotta admire these kids for what they’re doing." - Vents Magazine

“Hi, I’m Andy” is an anthem for a young generation struggling to come to grips with who they are, what they like and what they stand for in a too-loud world that does not seem to hear them" -Music Trails.

"Litvar’s music is stellar, but what drew me to the band was their ability to tell a story. The album isn’t just ten tracks of great music, it also allows listeners to get a glimpse of the personalities and lives of two up-and-coming musicians." - Mia Nguyen



Autopoet - Official Music Video
Hi I'm Andy
Beverly is Away (Official Video)


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Litvar is Rex Thurstan, Violet Falkowski, Corey Farnsworth, and Joe Lemieux. The name is inspired by the Kensuke Ushio song lit(var) which to the duo represents a combination of light and variation. Taking musical influence from Brian Eno, Snow Patrol, Vampire Weekend, as well as modern electronic acts such as John Hopkins and Porter Robinson, the band's sharp youthful sound has ignited a rapidly growing, passionate fanbase. Founded in pre-covid 2020, debut single ‘Hi I’m Andy’ released in May, debut album ‘The Greatest Movie of All Time’ released September 25, signed to Mother West Records in mid October.